What we do

  • Consult

    Our approach to understanding your business is questioning and listening to comprehend your specific requirements. This allows us to create bespoke solutions which ensures the delivery of measurable behavioural change within your organisation.

  • Design

    We aren’t textbook instructional designers of training material, we are facilitators. As facilitators we design all our bespoke material with the participant at front of mind – it must be experiential and fun, as well as outcome driven.

  • Train

    We utilise adult learning principles to maximize conversion of insights to action. This is achieved through experiential scenario based face-to-face sessions, maximizing engagement and participation.

  • Coach

    We help clients become self-aware and deliberately change and evolve behaviour to improve results. We elicit development by helping clients: focus thinking; consider opportunities and implications; and accelerate considered action.

Our solutions

We have evolveGrow professional development workshops in a variety of disciplines. All workshops are adapted to clients outcomes and designed bespoke to the brief. Duration is dependent on needs and can be conference sessions, speeches at events, multiples of days or short, sharp skill bites.

Who we are

Suzy Berry is the founding Director of evolveGrow, the business has grown from her personal passion for individuals’ growth and development. She is an energetic, intuitive and results focused facilitator with over 25 years senior management communications experience in Europe and Australia. This ensures her interactions are relevant, non-judgmental and littered with real life stories and experiences to contextualize and engage diverse audiences and cultures.

As the company has grown she has recruited like-minded individuals to work with her who share her passion for people development.

evolveGrow enjoys the rigour of its academic partner, Professor Nicholas Glozier MA, MBBS, MSc, FRANZCP, PHD, MRCPsych who advises on our evidence based wellbeing and resilience content. Nick is Professor of Psychological Medicine at University of Sydney, and leads a Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Team. He developed the evidence base for the NSW Government’s $50 million Mentally Healthy Workplace Strategy, consults to multinational private organisations and the public sector, and has conducted world first research in workplace wellbeing interventions.

Suzy Berry

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Six Reasons to engage evolveGrow

Number of people trained

Average workshop rating out of 10

Clients that come from referrals


  • Wanting to elevate my career and shift focus to sales leadership I approached a trusted mentor to recommend a sales coach, having worked with Suzy Berry for 20+ years he had no hesitation in recommending her, and I’m extremely grateful he did! Suzy took the time to understand how I like to work and guide me with strategies to build and lead high performing sales teams that are engaged and satisfied. Leading with ‘Why’ Suzy helped me build the right behaviours that aligned the team to a common goal and purpose, achieving incredible results. I have really enjoyed working with Suzy over the last year and look forward to an ongoing partnership that supports my personal career growth as well as my teams.

    Charlie Thomlinson – Sales Leader, Zendesk

  • Training with Suzy Berry from evolveGrow has been a great experience covering many key areas including Negotiation Skills, Customer Service and the running of a conference session. Through this process Suzy has tailored course content that complies with our industry requirement for CPD points whilst providing our teams with a highly energised, suitably intelligent and relevant course content that resonates and lands so eloquently for all involved. Thank you as it is a true pleasure to work with such a professional.

    Sarah Neilsen – Regional Leasing Manager, Stockland Commercial Property

  • I often forget that Suzy is an external consultant. She is very much part of the team here at Adshel.

    Suzy easily builds rapport with the individuals she interacts with and the teams she supports. Her nurturing and encouraging personality paired with her talent for being able to challenge thinking with a straightforward and honest approach results in Suzy building a depth of trust which allows her to impact business results at all levels.

    Across the 3 years of working in partnership with Suzy she has brought new ways of thinking and approach to the sales team such as the facilitation & design of a new sales process, coached leaders and individuals in adapting their mindset, developed leaders in business and communication skills and enabled challenging team meetings to reach a business focused outcome.

    I learn something new every time I work with Suzy and rely on her tenacity and passion to support me in ensuring our people are the best they can be every day.

    Suzanne Davies – P&P Business Partner, Adshel

  • I’ve known Suzy for many years and have always been impressed with the quality and consistency of her work. She has the ability to emotionally connect with people at all levels swiftly. She navigates complexity well and her output and results have always been positive whenever my organisation has engaged her for leadership training or coaching. I have, and continue to, recommend her to peers and other likeminded businesses.

    Rob Atkinson – CEO, Australian Radio Network

  • I found the management training course very beneficial to me and I left feeling a lot better about the new role… the course info and delivery was great and  I found Suzy to be a very engaging trainer.

    Luke Fitzsimons – Head of Property Management, L J Hooker

  • For more than 3 years evolveGrow’s down-to-earth and practical approach has been bringing the best results out of every Adshel sales person and added huge value to the way we go to market. Adshel has worked with evolveGrow to design and build a customised sales process, to work with the leadership on their skills and to provide one-on-one coaching where required.
    What could have remained theory or concepts are consistently brought out of the classroom through the use of real world case studies and a clear practical understanding of what happens in the heat of battle. The strength of our long term relationship is that the team now feel that evolveGrow is part of their group and absolute trust of the facilitators is a given.  The result is that the team quickly adopt what they learn and the language of the salesfloor changes slightly after every workshop to reflect their enhanced skills.

    Under evolveGrow’s guidance, the Adshel sales team has designed and built a bespoke sales process, teaching to newcomers and assessing its execution themselves, meaning they are completely invested in its success. The process has become a source of immense pride for the group and is part of being an Adshelian. At a more senior level, Suzy Berry’s coaching has helped those new to leadership understand what it means to be  more than a super-salesperson, and accelerated the degree of maturity shown by the leadership team.

    Since 2015 Adshel has benefited greatly from our ongoing relationship with evolveGrow and look forward to it continuing to add value to the ways we generate revenue for the years to come.

    David Roddick – Sales & Marketing Director, Adshel

  • Suzy Berry is one of the most engaging, energetic and authentic trainer/facilitators around. Her bespoke content is interspersed with amazing real life scenarios providing participants with easy learning and comprehension of often personally challenging content.  Her ability to see key training gaps in corporations and her approach to presenting content in her unique delivery style is one of the key reasons so many companies engage Suzy to deliver their training and coaching needs.

    Susan Davis – Social Media Content and Strategy Director, Strategic Social Profiles

  • Suzy, and evolveGrow,  impressed us, not only with their capacity to quickly and accurately identify the key issues but also the ability to effectively coach the team to productively work together and optimise performance. Suzy’s intellect and enthusiasm is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending her to other businesses and utilising her companies services again.

    Kelli Meagher – Portfolio Manager/Equities Analyst

Some of the company we keep

  • Adshel
  • ARN
  • Essential Energy
  • Fairfax
  • GOA
  • Qantas
  • RMC
  • Stockland
  • Toyota
  • Zendesk
  • Edwards

Our evidence based approach

Our approach to creating content is evidence-based and results-focused to ensure the outcome in delivering changes in behaviour. This doesn’t mean we ‘tell’. It means our thinking is validated through research; and tailored to the audience, by contextualising, simplifying and drawing out the relevant messages to achieve the learning objectives.

We bring this to life by designing interactive, experiential workshops that focus on ‘doing’ for participants.